ELECTRA CONSULTANTS has successfully completed a large number of development projects in the Government as well as Private sector since its inception in the year 1998. It has so far secured a total number of 97 projects. At present, the Company has staff strength of 50 employees including more than highly qualified engineers, planners, geologists, economists and other professionals. We provide a wide range of consultancy services which include preparation of feasibility studies, design and design review, contract administration, construction supervision and third party validation of various projects.

The Company is currently engaged in providing consultancy services on a number of projects of national importance. These include;

  1. 40.8 MW Koto HPP
  2. Remodeling of Warsak Canal Project
  3. Consultancy services for tender design and preparation of tender documents of 5 HPP Punjab
  4. Design Review and Construction Supervision of Solarization of Water Supply Schemes in PHED KPK
  5. Design Review and Construction Supervision for CAREC Corridor Investment Program
  6. "Establishment of Mini Hydropower Sites" for Site Link Channel off Mohajar Branch Canal Khushab



Our profitability is dependent on the quality of work. A comprehensive Quality Management System is in place to ensure excellence in quality and professional output. Quality control is achieved by critical internal reviews of employees’ performance.

we continue to strive towards our aim of becoming a leading engineering consultancy organization in Pakistan. The combination of rich and diverse experience in engineering consultancy sector of our staff, professional expertise, and willingness to provide best services puts ELECTRA CONSULTANTS in a strong position to provide consultancy services of a high standard to its clients.
May Allah help us achieve our goals. Ameen!

Engr. Haji Sajjad Khan
Managing Director